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Everyone needs real answers attached to real solutions that don’t cost a lot of money and that don’t require him or her to make sacrifices in how they live. Not only can you make daily choices that are friendly to the environment, but you can save money and have fun while you’re doing it. And that’s more than just trendy thinking. Saving money matters. No matter how much of it you have.

Shift Your Habit shows you how to make changes to your lifestyle that will do the most to benefit your budget and the planet. You can find hundreds of answers here on the web site, and chances are, you’ll start coming up with your own, which you can share with us. Shift Your Habit is the start of a movement, and you’re a part of that. Shift Your Habit is about a new way of thinking that leads to both saving money and living consciously. It’s about transformation. It’s about your life and making it better. This is a way of life that can impact you, your family, your friends and the world you live in. You’ll feel better because you’ll know that you’re doing everything in your power to live efficiently, do more for your family and better the planet.

Thanks for being a part of Shift Your Habit.

Remember Every Shift Counts!!

About the Founder

ELIZABETH ROGERS is a best-selling author, environmental consultant and entrepreneur committed to empowering people with the knowledge and skills needed for making a positive impact on their world.

In 2007, she co-wrote the New York Times bestseller The Green Book, an innovative, user-friendly guide that teaches how simple shifts in habit can make a powerful difference in building a stronger, more sustainable world.

SHIFT YOUR HABIT is the title of Elizabeth’s second book, and it’s the natural extension of her expertise in sustainable and efficient living.

Elizabeth created Trippin’, MTV’s first-ever eco-friendly reality TV show, with actor Cameron Diaz. Hailed as groundbreaking television programming, the show targeted young viewers with the message that even small efforts by everyday people can make a huge difference in saving the planet.

Elizabeth lives in Venice, CA with her 10yr old son and two dogs.

Every day Elizabeth tries to shift a habit.

Content Manager For Shift Your Habit

COLLEEN HOWELL, PH.D. is a sustainability consultant, research analyst, science writer, and eco-solution designer. With a degree in Biology from Westmont College, she earned both an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from the UC Riverside. Her interdisciplinary background and ability to communicate to varied audiences have led her to work on projects ranging from resource-use management and sustainable innovations to green lifestyle practices and carbon calculators. Colleen co-wrote Shift Your Habit and was the primary researcher and content expert for The Green Book. She continues to publish academic manuscripts within the fields of environmental economics and subjective well-being.

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